MSC 2021: Prediction Event Details Revealed
AFK Gaming
30 May 2021 08:34

The MSC 2021 event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang built around the upcoming Mobile Legends Southeast Asia cup has just been revealed by Monton. Among the upcoming content are themed cosmetics, prediction events, a new tournament pass, and a skin for Claude "Earth's Mightiest", which can be acquired by participating in upcoming events. Moonton is yet to reveal the release date yet for the upcoming MSC 2021 in-game event. The package will arrive, however, sometime around the time of the tournament starting on June 7, 2021. More details about the upcoming MSC 2021 event in Mobile Legends can be found here. 

MSC 2021 Event Details

The upcoming event will feature various in-game challenges where you can acquire MSC coins to exchange for the exclusive MSC 2021 skin for Claude “Earth’s Mightiest.” 

MSC 2021 Event Preview

MSC Events will soon arrive in Mobile Legends.Here is a list of the upcoming MSC 2021 Events that players can expect to arrive in Mobile Legends;

Prediction Event

Similar to last year's M2 World Championship, a prediction event will be held. The full details regarding the prediction event are yet to be announced. It is expected that the mechanics of this event will be similar to the previous one with the same name. 

MSC 2021 Event Preview

Players can guess the tournament results and earn MSC Coins.If the players are able to predict the results of the tournament correctly, they are rewarded with MSC coins. The coins can be exchanged for various in-game goodies, such as avatar borders, emotes and a special skin called Claude "Earth's Mightiest." However, the skin can only be unlocked if you own the Tournament Pass.

Tournament Pass

With the new tournament pass, players will receive double rewards from event tasks. The tournament pass also unlocks the exclusive skin for Claude, "Earth's Mightiest," that can be exchanged for event coins in the exchange shop.

MSC 2021 Event Preview

Purchasing a Tournament Pass will double your rewards from tasks.In addition to the exclusive skin, numerous other themed cosmetics will be available in the event shop, such as a new avatar border, Emotes, Sacred Statue, and many more. 

MSC 2021 Event Preview

Tournament Pass will allow players to unlock Claude's new skin.

New MSC 2021 Exclusive Skin - Claude “Earth’s Mightiest”

The new skin can only be unlocked with the tournament pass. The skin has flashy visual effects similar to the Harith "EVOS Legends" skin. 

MSC 2021 Event Preview

Claude's new skin will only be available in the MSC 2021 Event.